Notes from A Police Spouse 

Do any of your friends and family have that folder ready? All the dreaded information that we need for the "just in case" times? Is your End of Watch folder filled out? You know the one, those papers you and your spouse need to go over. [We update ours every year during back to school season] Time for you to get it all planned out. Here is an outline for our End of watch folder. 

I. Table of Contents (showing what documents are in the folder and listing important documents stored elsewhere)

II. Copies of forms filed at the office/department

  1. Beneficiaries

  2. Medical insurance

  3. Paycheck information

III. Contact Sheets

A. Department/Agency/Union contacts (direct lines and cell numbers)

B. Family contact list (including who you’ve chosen as your family spokesperson) *make sure to note who is to take care of your children in the immediate and the long-term

C. Friend contact list *make sure to note who needs to be contacted right away and how you would prefer they be contacted

D. Other contacts (insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, estate executor, etc)

IV. Legal Documents

A. Last Will & Testament

B. Advanced Health Directive

C. Trust

D. Power of Attorney

E. List of locations for deeds, titles, insurance policies, etc.

V. Financial

A. List of all bank, credit, and investment accounts (including usernames and passwords and PINs)

B. List of all safe-deposit boxes and locations of keys

C. List of insurance policies (with policy numbers and contact information) that includes a benefit amount breakdown for each

D. List of local, state, and federal LODD benefits *note – the state and federal benefit information can be found at

E. Copies of forms showing beneficiaries for life insurance policies

VI. Other

A. List of all online accounts (email, etc) that includes usernames and passwords

B. List of all important serial numbers (guns, electronics, vehicles, etc)

C. List of other important numbers (social security, passport, driver license, etc) and the location of the items

D. List of important passcodes (safes, alarm codes, etc)

E. List of guns you own, their locations, and any notes about them

F. Other important notes for your spouse/family (ex: on caring for your home or animals, etc)

G. Personal letters to family & friends

Law Enforcement Officer End Of Watch Folder Planning Guide For more assistance, information, and questions, please visit:

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